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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 10 Best Laptop Reviews 2012 in India

This Blog will provide information about Latest Laptop reviews 2012 in India & laptop prices. I have collected & compared Samsung laptops, Dell Laptops, HP Laptops, Lenovo Laptops, ThinkPad's, Acer Laptops, Toshiba Laptops etc. for your immediate decision.

This is my first Laptop Review. I was waiting to do this after collecting my facts. And I am ready now!

I know you are looking for a great laptop with all the features and the lowest price. Everyone wants such a laptop. And I am happy to tell you that such a laptop is available in the market.

I did an intense research in the market - studied specifications of hundreds of laptops, their reviews from consumers, build quality, battery backup, after sales service. I will also provide a list of parameters which will decide our today's winner.

Most of the people, students, small businessman, corporate employees are looking for a laptop under price range of 25 to 30K ($500 – $600). At the most they are willing to shell out another 2 to 3K ($40 – $60). But after my analysis, you will have a much detailed idea of what to look for & how much additional money to be burned.

Following are my parameters for any laptop to get selected for this RACE :

Best Laptop Reviews 2012
  • Intel 2nd Generation Core i5 Processor - 3 MB Cache (Core i3/i5/i7 series is a super hype, I am still using a Dual Core processor & it works like a charm, still I know people want to go for latest technology, so we will go with 2nd Gen Core i5 - Remember 2nd Gen Core i5 is different from just Core i5, and 2nd Gen makes a big effect on processing power.  Even we could go with 2nd Gen core i3, but today, laptop with 2nd Gen core i3 will almost cost the same as 2nd Gen core i5. Core i7/2nd Gen Core i7 is a hype & is very costly & won't make a difference to us. We will ignore 2nd Gen Core i7)
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM (Must as it supports the latest processor & graphics card & makes it a beast)
  • 500 GB Minimum (Actually, in today's era we need a minimum of 1 TB, lots of videos, movies, games, songs, our backup files. Also, if you go for a WD portable hard disk of 500 GB, it will cost around 4.5K (best & lowest price). Click here to know more. For 1 TB, it will cost around 6.9K (best & lowest price). Click here to know more)
  • 15.6 Inch LED HD Display (Yeah, we love big screens, specially HD & LED, latest huh!!! I prefer to go with High Def 15.6 inch screen as watching movies, pics, videos on YouTube, games becomes a real TREAT)
  • 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card (Actually, I wanted to go with 2 GB graphics card, but 1 GB is more than enough & can suffice 110% of all your requirements. Also, 2 GB gets costlier, will make your laptop burn. In most of the laptops, you will find Intel HD 3000 graphics card which comes by default, but then, when we are buying a prized possession, then don't cut out on graphics as it will keep your laptop technologically updated in near future)
  • Price Range of 28 to 35K (USD 560-700) (Yeah, this is the critical part, we want everything, but our budget is limited against our wishes. My personal opinion is that you don't need to spend anything more than 35 to 36K on a laptop. Also, don't try to settle down for a 30 to 31K laptop as saving few grands on graphics card, build quality etc. would make your gadget obsolete in some time. Also, we are planning to use it atleast for next 3 to 4 years)
  • Operating System (Let me tell you, OS doesn't bother me much, because they charge around 3 to 4K extra for Windows 7, which is unreasonable. Also, I would be happy with DOS/Linux/Ubuntu since we can get it installed separately in just Rs. 300-500. I don't recommend anything, it depends on an individual)
  • Build Quality + Keyboard (Your laptop should also look at its best. Also, going for Toshiba Satellite C640/ Acer for their low prices will compromise on build quality. Also we wish to get MacBook style keyboard (technically it is called as Island Chiclet keyboard. See Image below - This is my choice
Island Chiclet keyboard
Island Chiclet Keyboard Style

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Following are the list of laptops which qualified to a certain extent based on above parameters:

     1. 14.0 inch HD LED Display

      2. 15.6 inch HD LED Display
The above laptops have been closely scrutinized & selected & categorized by display screens (Sorted: Price Low to High)

  • If you are looking for a 14.0 inch display screen, my recommendation is HP Notebook G4-1200TX, reasonably priced at $674 or Rs. 33,696. Also, don't bug yourself on processor being 2nd Gen Core i3. There is not much difference between 2nd Gen Core i3/i5. Note that all the parameters except keyboard style gets satisfied. You are getting original backpack, Windows 7 Home Basic & Dedicated Graphics card. Whereas Dell Inspiron 14 provides 2nd Gen Core i5 but is unreasonably costly & doesn't provide Windows 7 (Big Demerit)
HP Notebook G4-1200TX
  • If you are looking for a 15.6 inch display screen, my recommendation is undoubtedly  Samsung NP300-E5Z-S07IN, priced at $710 or Rs. 35,486. The only demerit is DOS but merits overshadow it such as 750 GB HDD, 1 GB NVIDIA Graphics, Island Chiclet Keyboard Style (Excellent Keyboard Style just like MacBook Pro). Whereas ASUS is also loaded with good config, but I prefer to go with Samsung as it is popular with consumers & have a great battery backup. Other laptops are costlier by around 5K due to Windows 7 Home Premium, thus they have been ignored.
Samsung NP300-E5Z-S07IN Samsung NP300-E5Z-S07IN
Samsung NP300-E5Z-S07IN

Share this post with your friends who may be in need to decide for a new laptop. Also, share comments with me which gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Stay Tuned for more exciting reviews.

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  1. Hi bhaiya very nice review so hw u hv been ................

  2. Thanks Anurag for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. I am good & spending my time on blog & business.

  3. No battery backup comparisons?

  4. hi, great post, which one have the best battery life?
    thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks Vijay.. Will be providing battery & other updates soon. Subscribe to my blog for updates..

  6. Thanks James for your reply. Subscribe to my blog for more updates. Thanks for your interest.

  7. Laptop repair PartsMay 15, 2012 at 2:17 AM

    The specifications of this laptop were really great!.

  8. Dear Nihit,

    I am Gyanendra Tewatia an International Educator in 21 century who keep him self update with the latest gadgets and technology. I am working in one the best international school and trying to change my laptop, which I feel is quit old for my uses now. I am using 3 years old compaq CQ40, C2D T6500, 3GB RAM, 320 GB HD which i bought it for 36k. 
    I normally search for Indian young bloggers who write and react according to Indian Market. I am searching from last six month for a best laptop deal and gone through 100 of webs and reviews of international writers and technos but find something different in your blogging. 
    Now tell me what will be a perfect match for me if my choice are as follows:
    Screen size 14 inches, 2nd Gen Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HHD+ partial SSD also, DOS, minimum 1GB Graphic card, Island chip keyboard with back light.

    I have seen one of Samsung 14 inches aluminium machine with 2nd Gen i7, 8 GB RAM, 1TB HHD+1GB Graphic card with DVD of approx cost 50k but i am not sure abt model it may be 530.

    Our company is also offering  Dell Vostro 2nd Gen i3 in 25k 15.6 inches and on my demand they can also upgrade also with 2nd Gen i5 and 14 inches. see the attachment of configuration. 
    I am waiting for your advice. One more thing, today i purchased Belkin cooling pad for my laptop so this model is ok or not. write me on

  9. Thanks for visiting my Blog. Really happy that the article helped you. Keep visiting my Blog for more such updates. Also visit my new coupons section for huge discounts on air travels, shopping etc.

  10. Samsung & Dell have good battery life. Visit my new coupons section (Newly launched)

  11. Hi Vijay, battery is good for dell or Samsung. Most of the consumers are preferring Samsung for best possible config at reasonable price & good battery backup. Keep visiting my blog for more updates.

  12. This is good article where we can find precise about various brand laptops and its configuarion. Mostly prefer Dell brand laptop due to various reasons like nominal price, average configuration, long life and good customer service across globe.

    This article helps to buy suitable laptop per each one of choices. Thanks

  13. Nihit, this proved to be very useful to me and i am going to purshase using this iformation. Thx for the compilation and efforts.

  14. awesome opinion.. will sure consider you advice .. thanks alot !

  15. Thanks for your reviews.. Great job.. It Really helped me which one to buy

  16. sir i want a laptop under 35 k with 1gb graphic card. i want to go for dell inspiron 15r but i think at 35k they dont give 1gb graphic card. so suggest me a suitable laptop with good company(samsung, dell) for gaming and movies under 35k

  17. Bro ur blog is awesome bro..

  18. hii...ur article is very informative..
    .i had toshiba laptop whose motherboard is out of order...laptop's performance was gr8 for 5 years without single repair ...and suddenly now its motherboard is to be replaced what toshiba center says.
    Could you suggest a laptop with max features and which can sustain prolonged use...with good backup battery ..

  19. Your blog was quite good especially regarding the keyboard style which is very important for working on a laptop. However I do not agree about OS since a genuine OS offers peace of mind and instead of compromising on the OS one can choose an AMD based PC over an Intel PC

  20. good review on laptop...!

  21. Y did you leave out SONY Vaio ..????????????????????

  22. plz give some info' on other brands,Toshiba,Lenovo,LG...etc. thanx!

  23. Good comparison. What about heat dissipation ? I heard that HP lappys have heat dissipation problem once they get older.

  24. Hey i want to buy a laptop in smaller screen preferably 3rd gen Quad core, can you help in suggesting

  25. Hello Sir,

    I am looking to buy a Laptop with the following Configurations Can I have your suggestion
    500GB Hard Disk
    4GB Ram
    2nd generation core i3/i5
    Free DOS or Windows 7
    14 inches screen

  26. this article really helped me a lot, i was desaperately searching for good laptops from past 4months 2 buy... dis blog leped a lot...

  27. really great bro..
    Thank you...!!!

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    searching for Dell Online Support, suddenly I ringed to PCSupportRobo on
    1-800-246-7990 and qualified engineers resolved my queries.

    Thanks to

  29. Interesting reviews and good to know about other laptops but still I am satisfy with my DELL.

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  33. nihit could you recommend ultrabook as i travel a lot and would like a lighter weight laptop with all the configurations that you said bigger screen but light in weight...

  34. Videocon Price in India 2014December 13, 2013 at 4:24 PM

    This blog is very nice to get all the information that are related to laptop.

  35. This post have a some specific tips about how to service the laptop all can make use of it thank you.

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